Web Accounts Plus

Web Accounts PlusWeb Accounts Plus allows users to maintain their credit card, frequent traveler program, and web account information for free.  The information can be password protected for security and the application can be hidden in the system tray.


  •  Stores information on credit cards, travel programs, and web accounts
  •  Can link the travel programs to previously entered web accounts
  •  Can launch web accounts right from the application
  •  Password protected datafile
  •  Can be minimized to the system tray
  •  Can require a password to restore from the system tray
  •  Can mask passwords of accounts until mouse passes over the field
  •  Can drag and drop text from any field into other applications
  •  Can force Web Accounts Plus window to stay on top of all others
  •  Can turn off the annoying splash screen

System Requirements

  •  Windows 98 or later
  •  Pentium 166 Mhz
  •  32 MB RAM
  •  3 MB hard drive space

Current Version - 1.0
Released - 25 Jul 2000

Screen Shots

Web Accounts Plus Main Screen Web Accounts Plus Personal Information Web Accounts Plus Credit Card Information
Main Screen Personal Information Credit Card Information
Web Accounts Plus Travel Program Information Web Accounts Plus Web Account Information
Travel Program Information Web Account Information spam killer